Older Content on YouTube

Pipers’ Persuasion
September 5 at 9:13 PM ·
Viewers of Pipers’Persuasion are advised that their viewing experience is greatly enhanced by going direct to the website
Rather than trying to watch footage on YouTube. There, Chapters on an interviewee’s story are missing while others are out of sequence and mixed with other interviewee’s chapters. Also, the full range of twelve years of the collection is not readily available as they are on the website.
Occasionally a link to a chapter or interview may be broken and we would be delighted to be advised if you come across that in order that we can rectify this. There are also difficulties just now with YouTube management of content up to Episode 51. We have written to YouTube for help and advice re this and hope to progress towards restoring the access and quality of the content.
But, it should also be highlighted that you may have trouble connecting with the website through certain browsers. You are asked to try connecting through other browsers. Eg. Safari can render problems while Google may be easier. Just try various browsers before you conclude that the site is faulty 😎.
We sincerely wish that you enjoy our work and also inform your friends of the website.