002: Angus Lawrie

Angus Lawrie Interview

Episode 2 – Being a piper, Pipe Major, instructor, composer and pipe bag maker, there’s not a lot that Angus Lawrie doesn’t know about bagpipes, piping and pipe bands. In our second episode filmed at Angus’ home in Doonfoot, Angus talks about his childhood, joining the police and the City of Glasgow Police Pipe Band, his cousin Ronald Lawrie, his Pipe Majors and his life after the police service. A prize winning composer, Angus decribes in detail how his musical mind and his writing process operates. He goes on to explain how laterally he was appointed to Pipe Major positions in the Johnstone and Britoil pipe bands and how he started what was to become the biggest pipe bag making business in the United Kingdom.

Episode 2 – This is an edited and refurbished new publication updating the old interview displaying the full interview to prevent YouTube diminishing the quality of vision and sound and also access to the full and complete story.  This should give a bigger sharper viewing experience amongst other benefits and hopefully enhance your visit to the site watching the best that Pipers’ Persuasion has for you

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