051: Aboyne on Piobaireachd

Episode 51 – Pipers Persuasion travelled to Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, where Dr Jack Taylor, Norman Matheson and Duncan Watson discussed the ‘Bobs of Balmoral’ RU Brown and RB Nicol and piobaireachd playing and teaching in the North East of Scotland. These three knowledgeable men speak of this tradition and how it was passed to us today. Yet another facet in the wonderful world of piping.
A recent edit of this interview has been found to be faulty and has today 1/04/2023, been corrected and improved upon. It’s well worth a watch as the people in that programme expressed a view that was unique to the time of the chat regarding ‘modern pibrochs’. The scene has moved on rapidly since then with many of these tunes now being set tunes for competition. Many other important and interesting points are also made. Sadly Norman Matheson is no longer with us.

Tags: John MacDonald; Donald MacLeod; John MacLellan; Bob Brown; Bob Nicol; McCrimmon; MacKay; Ian Duncan;