090:Singapore Piping

Episode 090: From the Pipe Band Association, Singapore we have President – Alan Wallace speaking on piping and drumming in Australia and Singapore and other places in SE Asia. It’s really great to talk to people like Alan, who is so positive and energetic about his music.  He tells us of teaching, grading, competing and the various factors affecting same including the recent pandemic.  Wonderfully informative to viewers of Pipers’Persuasion.

Pipe Band Association, Singapore
President – Alan Wallace;  Vice President – Helen Lee;  Secretary – Ryan Lee; Treasurer – Martin Lee; Liasion Officer – Nami Musaki
None of the Lee’s are related – it’s a common name in Singapore.


Name Discipline
Nathaniel Russell GC OAM Piping/Ensemble
Alan Wallace Drumming/Ensemble
James Laughlin Drumming
Andrew Womersley Drumming/Ensemble
Ian Lyons Piping/Ensemble
Scott Nicholson Piping/Ensemble
Samuel Young Piping/Ensemble
Harold Gillespie Drumming/Ensemble


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