084: John Walsh

Pipers’ Persuasion met with John Walsh on the internet where we had a great conversation. Born and raised in Bradford, England he moved to Scotland and subsequently across to Canada and is currently in Antigonish Nova Scotia with his bagpipe business.
He piped with quite a few famous bands, Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia and 78th Fraser Highlanders amongst others. He used his keen ear and great fingers to help to produce wonderful performances and prize winning at band championships.
This is a great listen for all of you out there who are seeking further knowledge on how to improve your piping.

John Walsh ; Part 1; Introduction.mp4

John Walsh ; Part 2 ; Shuttle.

John Walsh ; Part 3 ; Small Pipes.

John Walsh ; Part 4 ; Bagpipes

John Walsh ; Part 5 ; Learning Bagpipes.

John Walsh ; Part 6 ; Hugh McInnes.

John Walsh ; Part 7 ; BCal, Shotts.

John Walsh ; Part 8 ; to Canada.

John Walsh ; Part 9 ; Beginnings of 78th Fraser Highlanders PB

John Walsh ; Part 10 ; 78th Fraser Highlanders Competitions and Concerts

John Walsh ; Part 11 ; Michael Grey and Music

John Walsh ; Part 12 ; Shotts Again

John Walsh ; Part 13 ; Pibroch and Conclusions

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