093 : Allan W Hamilton

093 : Pipers’ Persuasion was temporarily appropriated by piper, historian and author, Richard McLauchlan who took the interrogator’s seat and lead me through some of my piping life. Can’t say that I enjoyed it and the countenance I found to be somewhat dry and lacking in smiles in the resultant video. But many have asked me to go on record and so this is your fault – you caused it!
Thanks to Mike and his team for filming and editing. It’s their take on the chat. There are unique observations on unreported situations and I have made comment on the current scene
There are some old photos at the end of the video for your interest.

Tags; College of Piping, Paisley British Legion pipe band, Norrie Gillies, Seumas MacNiell, John MacFadyen, Iain MacFadyen, Red Hackle PB, Renfrew PB, Tom Anderson, City of Glasgow Police PB, Glasgow Skye pb, Ronnie Morrison,Strathclyde Police pb, Ian McLellan, Pipers’ Persuasion,