88 : Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band – 70s Tribute

Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band – 70s Tribute

Some time ago an idea was hatched, by a few people who had competed during the 1970s, to acknowledge the initiative of the members of the then Scottish Pipe Band Association who introduced a Medley competition as the format for the World Pipe Band Championships in 1970.
Prior to this all championships had been conducted within the MSR Format, with one pipe and one drum adjudicator on duty. The new Medley Format required the use of a third adjudicator for the new discipline of ensemble.
It is the intention to reproduce, as accurately as possible, the prize-winning performances of the 1970s and David Caldwell and Ken stewart have been able to enlist the co-operation of a number of pipers and drummers who share a similar passion to mark the 52nd anniversary of this step change in pipe band performance.
The introduction of Medley and Ensemble allowed Pipe Majors and Lead Drummers to explore different time signatures and rhythms which, until that time, had not been used in pipe band performance. It enabled the development of harmony and counterpoint which has elevated the Medley to a point where it is now almost Orchestral.
The target initially was to perform during 2020, thus marking 50 years of Medley/Ensemble. Unfortunately, due to Covid, this was not possible.
At the World Pipe Band Championships at Glasgow Green on Saturday, 13 August 2022, the Band assembled by David Caldwell and John Scullion performed to great acclaim before the gathered audience at Arena 1 just before the Grade 1 Medley contest commenced.
The program leads you through the build-up to this great performance and is a wonderful addition to Pipers’Persuasion