020: Herve Le Floc’h

Hervé Le Floc'h Interview

Episode 20 – Hervé Le Floc’h and his close colleagues in Brittany live for music. He is an excellent player with a solid background of learning from the greats in piping – through Breton and Highland. Hervé is at the top in Brittany with his Bagad Cap Caval which he has also led as a pipe band unit into the 1st grade in Scotland.  He describes his successes and experiences as solo player in Scotland.  Also the general intensity of the piping scene in Brittany.

Tags: Jimmy McIntosh MBE, Malcolm MacRae, Jakez Pincet, Robert Brown, Robert Nicol, Roddy MacLeod MBE, Ronnie McShannon, Andrew Wright, Robert Wallace, Mike Cusack, Patrick Mollard, Alexis Meunier, Donald MacLeod, Sylvain Hamon, Erwan Ropas & Gordon Duncan.