038: Bruce Hitchings MBE BEM

Bruce Hitchings MBE BEM Interview

Episode 38Pipers’ Persuasion travelled to Edinburgh Castle to see three locations in the Castle where the Army School of Piping had been situated from the time of Willie Ross and onwards. Thereafter we went to Redford Barracks where most of the interview was conducted, but there are very interesting shots with commentary from Bruce at Edinburgh Castle. We hope that you will enjoy the excellent historical photographs and to lighten the scene we have included a segment at the end on Mons Meg.


Tags:  James McIntosh MBE, Murray Henderson, Ian Morrison, John McLellan, Donald MacLeod, Robert Brown, Robert Nicol, Alasdair Gillies, Angus MacDonald, Brian Donaldson, Willie Ross, Evan MacRae, John Allan, Gavin Stoddart MBE BEM & Lieutenant Colonel D.J.S. Murray.