Pipers’ Persuasion exists just for pipers and drummers, with no other hidden goals or agendas. That is why nobody matters more to us than you, our viewers. From the very second Pipers’ Persuasion went online on 1 September, 2010, we were deluged with messages from all over the world from viewers and participants in the series who wanted to tell us what their impressions of the project were, a selection of which we are delighted to share with you here.

John Duffy commented: “A classic”

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odonnghaille commented: “And if you ring him for reeds expected a half hour call regards copper reed v brass reeds and what year was your chanter made. Absolute genius”

3 days ago

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odonnghaille commented: “He reinvented piping here. When alot of pipers played open keys he tutored the only appropriate standard in closed fingering.”

3 days ago

Drumnastix26 commented: “Great job allan. Very good. I think you should announce the prizes at the world’s. Great voice for it.”


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 2 months ago

Great conversation for posterity!Pipers’Persuasion; Jack Lee

The BB ethos of morality and discipline remains strong. 1st Troon BB band has a handful of World Championships under their belt. The boys still get equipment and uniform for nothing but the cost of lessons has risen to the princely sum of £1 per session. Long live the Boys Brigade!
@susanross1547   4 months ago

Lots of nuggets of information for players at many levels.

Pipers’Persuasion; interviewed Stuart Liddell


 3 months ago

This is spot on, Beth!


 4 months ago

Finally! been looking for a while about information on the this gentleman for a whike now. Thank you

Pipers’Persuasion : Ian Maclellan


 4 months ago

Great see Willie. I bought a set of pipes from him, tested in the cellar of a piping pub in Glasgow. They are wonderful sounding drones still being played. He said he got them in 1936. He included a set of cane drone reeds. 😊 👍 Thanks Willie and team for a great video.

Willie Morrison ; Pipers’Persuasion


 4 months ago

Great interview. It was good to hear a piper of this level that piping just didn’t come to him. He had an ‘ah ha” moment and started to move forward. I had a judge say to me once last year that I was bass prominant. I didn’t think to much of it but when I mentioned it to my instructor at the next lesson his response was ” Ian McLellan, Richard Parkes” he repeated that 3 times. Then he explained whay he said that, and I felt pretty good about that.

Richard Parkes ; Pipers’Persuasion


 1 month ago

Enjoyed your interview Brian well done fantastic 👍


Pipers’Persuasion ; Brian Mulhearn    Thanks 👍


 4 months ago

Stuart is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met. He’s an excellent teacher, and he has no ego which is very hard to find in elite piping. I had retired from piping for many years (really, during the rise in Stuart’s career), and so I had never heard of him when I met him in 2022 at the Pocono Workshop in PA/USA. I was captivated by his teaching style and patience, and when I went home and realized his role in piping, I was even more impressed with his approach. I deal with a lot of brilliant minds in my career and in the world of piping, but I’ve never met someone at that level who is as down to Earth as he is. I could listen to him play and watch his fingers for hours. He does all the cool things we all want to do, and he takes chances and fiddles with things to create a unique style that is 100% his own. It’s fun to sit on the sidelines and watch other elite players try to mimic the style, but I think the style is entirely intertwined with his personality.


The work you are doing is highly important. The younger generation of pipers have no idea or access to these great names except as pipe tunes, composers of pipe tunes or on sheet music. These stories need to be told by the pipers who lived them. My pipe teacher was Tom Shearer of whom Ian McLellan spoke of with the Renfrew Pipe Band and his emigration to the US in 1957 in your interview. It brought a warm smile to my heart to hear Ian retell stories that I so often heard from Tommy. In the 1980’s  I had introduced myself to Ian at a Worlds competition as a friend and student of Tom Shearer. Although Ian was distracted and caught up in the day, he took the time to chat to me and inquire on his old friends well being. He was very much the gentleman that Tommy had spoke of. I had also meet “Wee” Donald McLeod on one of his visits to the US thru Tommy when I was a teenager many years ago. I credit Donald for teaching me circular breathing on the practice chanter back in the late 70’s. I look back on that memory with great joy for at the time as I was fairly unaware of Donald’s presence on the world stage of piping. I look forward to watching more interviews as many of the names on your interview list have touched my piping  life in personal meetings, story and achievements. I have always been a proponent of knowing where we have been in the past and where we come from in order to move intelligently forward into the future. A thank you to you and your endeavors with these great pipers for now their stories will be here long after they are gone. Keep up the good work,

Thomas Kohrs  wrote: 

Guten Tag Allan
This is such a hughe TreasureBOX, Allan.
All these Interviews are so full of informations. WOW I spend my whole lunchtime watching Rona Lightfoot.
Thank you so much AGAIN for sharing.


Roddy MacDonald said:

“Very enjoyable site. Must be lot of hard work. Great to hear the likes of Willie Morrison. Congratulations.”

Gordon McCready said:

“Great website with very informative content. Superb, keep it going.”

Ken Eller said:

“Have already been in the new website. I roomed with Bruce Gandy during Worlds week and was introduced to it then… then I saw the piece on Bill McAllister, his brothers were very good to me and I was fortunate to count them as close friends! A lot more good friends there and so interesting to hear their stories! Long overdue, look forward to all the great personalities.”

Simon Black said:

“I just had to contact you and say what a fantastic site this is and what superb interviews you provide on it. This is a real education. I’m 23, I wasn’t about when StrathPol went on the run of 6… but listening and learning from the men that were part of it is excellent. James Wark‘s advice on Balmoral Highlanders was good too… great stuff. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your work!”

Aaron Shaw said:

“Thanks so much. Just spent a good while enjoying a couple of your interviewees and am looking forward to more of the same. Keep up the great work!”

Herve Le Flo’ch said:

“Thoroughly enjoying the interviews. Thank you, Allan. That is great, well done!”

Neil Clark said:

“Allan, great stuff, well done. Love the site, keep it up.”

Raymond Stockdale said:

“Spent the last few hours listening to Ian McLellan‘s interview and enjoyed it very much. You kept this site top secret, but it will be a huge success and I will spread the word.”

Bruce Gandy said:

“First quick look, Allan and I think it looks quite sharp. Looking forward to watching these for sure!”

Ewan McAllister said:

“Great idea, Allan. Looks great. Look forward to more interviews soon.”

Tyler Fry said:

“Lovvvveeeee it!”

Fred Fomm said:

“Great to listen to my old master Willie Morrison once again! Superb site, mate!”

Angus Black said:

“So many memories coming from the interviews. Like this a lot. So many other things you could add. I am sure you are aware. One step at a time. Best I have seen for a long time.”

Graham Brown said:

“Brilliant website! Loving it already. Can’t wait for more interviews.”

Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band – 70s Tribute
Alex Ferguson ; Musician and choir master, Kilmarnock
Just watched the complete Tribute documentary for Pipers Persuasion. Really excellent professional piece. Beautifully produced and edited. Weather clearly would help you. As a musician I found the discussion around the search for creativity really interesting and the medley itself was sympathetically balanced and rounded. Again congratulations to all involved for an interesting and enjoyable piece of work. Hope it’s picked up by the big boys. A.

Charles Malcolm
Great job Allan on the Shotts 70s medley. Enjoyed all the interviews.

Michael Grey
Excellent work, Allan! Congratulations!

Graeme Bryce
You are amazing Allan thank you for doing this. Hope all is well 😁

Bob Worrall
First rate, Allan!

Ken Eller
Great program Allan….. lots of memories…. thanks to you, Ken Stewart and David Caldwell for the inspiration in bringing the first of the 70’s back to life!

Cameron Edgar
Fantastic Allan. Very well done indeed.

Brendan Murphy
Top man allan

RCMP ; pipes and drums

Christopher Nelson

Superb interview Allan!  I have seen the RCMP Pipes & Drums twice in Edinburgh and there are countless videos online. Like yourself, I am very impressed by them. It’s an amazing organisation.

I love how complimentary they are about Stuart (Samson) as well. I have gotten to know him very well over the last 8 years or so. He has been very helpful to me and like Graeme said, he is the nicest person you could ever wish to meet! I have been to The Basel Tattoo, it’s an amazing show!


Boghall and Bathgate PB

@igorandhelena  • 1 month ago

The Walker brothers. Three legends right there. What a contribution they have made to the pipe band scene. 👏 👏 👏  #montheboggies


@keithbowesbagpipelessons7904  • 1 month ago

A true inspiration to all bands, including ourselves at Johnstone.

A huge well done to all!


@colinharvey638  • 1 month ago

You all must be so so proud of Ross & Kerr and the band for the result on Saturday. Congratulations guy’s brilliant 🎉

Yes we are

Thanks so much!!



@elizabethghent194  • 1 month ago

They won today, World Champions 2023, fantastic.


@ouryperd  • 1 month ago

I really like your videos, but please for all that is sacred get a good microphone. The vocal audio is extremely hard to follow.


  • 0 seconds ago

Thanks for your comment.  My recordings are clear and others seem to experiance good audio.

Perhaps try another browser /speaker/headphone?  But we do pay a lot of attention to editing and excellent sound as it is essential.


Jack Lee

@curtiscosta3306  • 2 months ago

Jack is my teacher

He’s a great teacher!

There is NO glossing over technique and he gives you tunes that he knows you’re capable of playing but are challenging.

I love my lessons with him!


@straycushion7434  • 2 months ago

One of the all time greats 👍