047: Captain John A Maclellan MBE


Episode 47 – There is a second Interview by Pipers’ Persuasion of Colin Maclellan where we concentrate on the life of his father Capt. John Maclellan inter alia Director of Piping Studies at the Army School of Piping at Edinburgh Castle. What really strikes one is the amount and volume of accurate record keeping of his piping life.  Colin and others are working actively to preserve and display this astounding collection.
We have music played by John.  Also we show photographs and records and memorabilia.
There many surprises here that should delight. 
Below is the video of the interview followed by Audio files of same. 
Then Music files relating to the interview and kindly supplied by Colin MacLellan.

Interview Audio Files:-



Music Files. Audio:-

Nameless a Lament; JAM


Light Music


Lament for the Viscount of Dundee; JAM 1986




JAM; Phantom Piper


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