061: College of Piping Museum

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Episode 61 – Pipers’ Persuasion visited the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland where Hugh Anderson kindly described the various articles on display. The museum has many bagpipes and other objects including old books that make a visit almost obligatory to pipers and their ilk. A very pleasant and interesting hour indeed and one can get the sense of it here.

CopMuseum;1DMacDonald WGunn

CoPMuseum;2 MacDougall pipes

CoPMuseum;3 Culloden Bagpipe

CoPMuseum;4 ReelPipe

CoPMuseum;5 Angus Mackay

CoPMuseum;6 Prizes

CoPMuseum;7 MacRae Bagpipes

CoPMuseum;8 RGLawrie

CoPMuseum;9 Band Photos

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