101 : Cristiano Bicudo

101 : Cristiano Bicudo of Sao Paulo, Brazil had a conversation with Pipers’ Persuasion on the evolvement of piping in Brazil since the 1950’s.  A fascinating account of how Cristiano almost single-handedly guided bagpiping along a difficult path towards the standard way of playing the instrument.  He also comments on bagpipes in other South American countries. This is a first for PP in that continent! Cristiano was awarded the Balvenie Medal in 2018 for his services to piping.

Tags :  Piping in Brazil ;  piping in Argentina ; piping in Chile ; Eddie MacLellan ; Angus MacLellan ; Jim Maclean ; Ken Eller ; British Caledonian Airways ; Alex Duthart ; College of Piping ; Angus MacDonald ;