022: Jim Hutton

Jim Hutton

Episode 22 – Jim Hutton and his brother David Hutton worked with Bob Hardie to form a successful partnership when Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band won world championships in the 60’s. Jim went on to play with other successful bands and ultimately judged for the RSPBA and gives us his insights.

1. Introduction

2. Learning Drums

3. 50s Muirhead and Edinburgh City Police Pipe Bands

4.  60s and 70s; Muirhead, Invergordon, Edinburgh Police & Shotts Pipe Bands

5. Changes with Shotts and Corps

6. Balanced Bands

7. David Hutton

Tags: Alex Duthart, Robert Hardie, Kit Reynolds, Iain McLeod, George Pryde, Bert Barr, Alex McCormack, John Kerr, Jim Kilpatrick MBE, Tom Brown, Jackie Smith, John Scullion, Donald Shaw Ramsey & John D Burgess.