Older Content on YouTube

Pipers’ Persuasion September 5 at 9:13 PM · Viewers of Pipers’Persuasion are advised that their viewing experience is greatly enhanced by going direct to the website Www.piperspersuasion.com Rather than trying to watch footage on YouTube. There, Chapters on an interviewee’s story are missing while others are out of sequence and mixed with other interviewee’s chapters. … Read more

078: SPA Veterans Competition 2019

the Annual Veterans Competition was held at National Piping Centre, Otago Street Kelvinbridge Glasgow on Friday 6 September 2019.  This is open to Members of the SPA who have attained the age of either 60 or 65 depending on who you are asking for that information.   Sometimes 10 or so compete and on this occasion … Read more

Various Comments from early 2016

Hi Allan: Was just listening to David Murray’s interview. Fantastic all of this work you’ve done! I know you had been trying to fit me in at some point and unfortunately I was seriously under the weather when Willie McCallum was over last summer. However, I’m playing with Inveraray this summer and will be over … Read more