077: Ian Plunkett

Episode 77: Pipers’ Persuasion made another visit to McCallum Bagpipes factory where they met the latest recruit to the staff there – Ian Plunkett. Former Pipe Major of Strathclyde Police Pipe Band who converses about the lean years after Ian Maclellan’s retiral, his own departure from the Band and piping in general and the rise of interest in recent years. This provides perspective – we’ve all been there – between the 90’s and present day.

1. Beginnings

2. Hackle TA Skye

3. Strathclyde Police PB

4. Harry McAleer

5. Being PM

6. Police Career and Piping Standards

7.Glasgow Police PB and others

8. Reflections on Bands

Tags: Ian Maclellan ; Strathclyde Police Pipe Band ; Glasgow Police Pipe Band ; Red Hackle ; Britoil ; Scottish Power Pipe Band ; Skye Pipe Band ;