Donation Made by NWEPS

Pipers’ Persuasion would like to acknowledge the generous substantial donation made to the site by the North West of England Piping Society. We are very grateful for this help towards our large outgoings both in terms of general expenses and capital equipment.  It also demonstrates the long-standing support to piping in general and our venture in particular and we are very grateful for the confidence placed in Pipers’ Persuasion to properly account for this support.

There has been a clearly identified need for a camera and so aided by the above donation, today (31 March, 2011) a camera was purchased which now allows us to go further afield, north Scotland, Ireland and Brittany; in search of more interviewees for Pipers’ Persuasion. Very many thanks to The North West of England Piping Society, this allows us to on to complete our task.