Opinions on the Development of Piobaireachd

Episode 52 – on March 22, 2014, Allan Hamilton of Pipers’ Persuasion attended the Annual Conference of the Piobaireachd Society and to a large audience of members displayed a video collage of famous interviewees encapsulating some of their views on the expression of piobaireachd and its general direction. This is not a definitive expression of … Read more

Aboyne on Piobaireachd

Episode 51 – Pipers Persuasion travelled to Aboyne where Dr Jack Taylor, Norman Mathieson and Duncan Watson discussed Brown and Nicol and Piobaireachd in the North East of Scotland. These three knowledgeable men discuss the tradition and how it was passed to us today. Yet another facet in the wonderful world of piping. 1. Introduction … Read more