Aboyne on Piobaireachd


Episode 51 – Pipers Persuasion travelled to Aboyne where Dr Jack Taylor, Norman Mathieson and Duncan Watson discussed Brown and Nicol and Piobaireachd in the North East of Scotland. These three knowledgeable men discuss the tradition and how it was passed to us today. Yet another facet in the wonderful world of piping.

1. Introduction

2. Opening Remarks

3. Donald Morrison

4. Watson on Nicol and Brown

5. Mathieson on Nicol

6. Pibroch Interpretation and Technique

7. North East Piping

8. Games Circuit

9. Masters of Piobaireachd

10.Modern Pibrochs

11.The Piobaireachd Society

Tags: John MacDonald; Donald MacLeod; John MacLellan; Bob Brown; Bob Nicol; McCrimmon; MacKay; Ian Duncan;