Video Presentation to Piobaireachd Society

Episode 52 – Opinions on the Development of Piobaireachd
– on March 22, 2014, Allan Hamilton of Pipers’Persuasion attended the Annual Conference of the Piobaireachd Society
and to a large audience of members displayed a video collage of famous
interviewees encapsulating some of their views on the expression of
piobaireachd and its general direction.   This is not a definitive
expression of the interviewees but merely a flavour.  To do these
individuals justice one should go to their whole interviews to put them
entirely into context and we beg the forbearance of the contributors in this
respect.  The Video was well received and it is hoped that this wider
dissemination will aid in interesting viewers into watching and learning from the various interviews.
Pipers’Persuasion would take this opportunity in thanking the Piobaireachd
Society for their warm welcome and generous hospitality.