Rose Fletcher

All the guys from Pipers’ Persuasion join with the rest of you out there in expressing our sorrow at the passing of Rose Fletcher last weekend, 27 March, 2011. I’ve known Rose since I was 13 years when I met her at Cowal, in 1956. She was an institution even then having displayed her single mindedness in teaching and building a band. She was always adamant in her approach to piping and all other matters; everything was played absolutely correctly and discipline was constantly observed. I always found her to be warm and cheery and immediately formed a life-long bond. Rose was interesting and had a good memory for facts and names over the years. It was always a good time when you were in her company. 

Her monument is the healthy state of piping in the north west of England and the fact that all her family are engrossed in piping life and promotion of the art. May we express our condolences to all the family.

We were blessed with the company of Rose over the years and anytime pipes are played in Manchester our minds will wander into thinking about her. We again invite you to watch Rose in her interview on this site.

Allan Hamilton