Episode 26 Online

Terry Tully Interview

Pipers’ Persuasion visited Terry Tully at his house near to Dublin at the start of our mini Ireland tour. Terry has spent all his life steeped in the music of Ireland and listened and learnt from grandfather and parents. This music was expressed on various instruments but predominantly the Highland Bagpipe. He has performed for many years with The Chieftains and been successful in solo piping in Ireland but perhaps his greatest success has been with St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band where his work of decades finally paid off with leading them to be world champions in Glasgow on 2010. He still has the hunger and now Alen his son is Pipe Sergeant and displays the same talent. So the music goes on.

At the conclusion of the interview Terry gave me a pint of draught Guinness which was my only drink during my tour. I took the recording home only to be completely astonished by a loud buzzing through the audio! Experts brought in said it was ‘goosed’. I phoned Terry and he knew immediately what had caused it.  He said my boundary mic had picked up hum from his beer cooler next to his head within a wall cavity! The experts told me however that it was my extension mic cable that had caused it. One can never be too careful. Anyway we did another interview at McCallum Bagpipes‘ factory prior to the 2011 Scottish Pipe Band Championships.