004: William Morrison

William Morrison Interview

Episode 4 – We meet the renowned piper and solo piping adjudicator William Morrison. Willie is from the Uists and speaks about his early tuition and influences and then goes on to discuss his competition days and prizes. From that point we discuss judging. There are interesting segments on playing of MSRs and reed making. An engaging conversation with Willie.

1. Early Life & Piping Heritage


2. Pibroch Tuition, Island Life & Fishing


3. Early Solo Competitions & March Playing

4. Marches & Tempo. Strathspeys. Practice Sessions.

5. Bagpipe, Left & Right Shoulder, Reeds & Bags

6. Chanters. Pipe Bands.

7. Later Solos & Bands. Reed Making.

8. Teaching

9. Pibrochs, Judging & Good Times

10. Modern Playing, Pitch & Tuning


Here is a video of Willie Morrison playing on the Beach with some favourite tunes