042: Stuart Samson MBE


Episode 42 – Pipers’ Persuasion spoke to Stuart  at his home just outside Glasgow where he demonstrated competition playing styles and his own tunes on the chanter. Also the various Highland Regiments and how they interacted with each other.  Popular Tattoos and how they are organised is also here for you. A long interesting interview full of info!

1. Introduction

2. Edinburgh Military Tattoo

2a. Edinburgh Military Tattoo

3. Playing Styles of East and West

4. March Playing

5. Jimmy McGregor/ Musical Expression

6. Bagpipes and Pibroch

7. Gordon Highlanders

8. Army Piping Courses and Becoming PM

9. Drum Major and Responsibilities

10. Army School of Piping

11. MBE Award

12. Land of Bens, Glens and Heroes

13. LBGH contd

14. LBGH contd

15. Continental Tattoos

See our biography section for more information on Stuart Samson: Stuart Samson MBE brief biography

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