003: Rose Fletcher

Rose Fletcher Interview

Episode 3 – In the third interview of our series, Pipers’ Persuasion travelled to the Manchester area to see England’s godmother of piping, Rose Fletcher. Now in her mid-90s, Rose has dedicated her life towards promoting the art of piping in the north west of England, developing little or no interest in the music in that part of the country into a healthy, burgeoning community of piping and pipe band people. Rose explains how she first fell in love with the bagpipes while she was a young highland dancer and how she took an active interest in the instrument and started the 1st Ashton Scottish Pipe Band in 1935, later to become the successful Rose Fletcher Pipe Band. No end to her talents, Rose even taught drumming to interested children in the cotton mills. Rose’s influence on the pipe bands scene in her area has left a legacy of a sociable piping community that is the pride of England, which is still fostered today by her daughters Janet, Jennifer & Pauline, and Pauline’s husband Owen Nash, who all join Rose during this fascinating interview.

1. Introduction


2. Pipe Bands


3. Drumming & Other Instruments


4. Kilts

5. The Rose Fletcher Pipe Band

6. The Rose Fletcher Pipe Band (cont’d)

7. Highland Dancing, Manchester Games & Pauline on Solos

8. Stockport Road

9. Introduction to Rose’s Family


10. College of Piping Summer Schools

11. Rose on Pipe Bags

12. The Rose Fletcher Band Uniform

13. Pipe Major Donald MacLean at Innellan

14. Rose Driving & Blackpool

15. Owen & Rose on Bagpipes

16. Owen on Playing with Other Pipe Bands

17. Rose on Jennifer & Drumming

18. Rose on Attending Cowal & the Balvenie Medal

19. Owen on the North West of England Piping Society Recitals

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