039: Kenny MacLeod

Kenny MacLeod

Episode 39 – We begin with the family and Clan MacRae PB and talk about bands, bagpipe manufacture and also Kenny’s sojourns abroad in piping and with McCallum Bagpipes.  An interesting dip into contemporary piping and its current state.

1. Introduction


2. Family and Clan MacRae Society Pipe Band


3. Family and Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band


4. Donald MacLeod PM – and others


5. Solo Piping and Characters


6. Work Experience!


7. Birth of McCallum Bagpipes


8. McCallum Bagpipes Now


9. Fred Morrison and Willie McCallum


10. Abroad and PM at Glasgow Skye again


Tags:  Fred Morrison, Willie McCallum, Gordon Duncan, Clan MacRae, Iain MacFadyen, John McAskill, Stuart McCallum, Glasgow Skye, Eddie McLellan, Kenny MacDonald