008: Jim Kilpatrick MBE

Jim Kilpatrick MBE Interview

Episode 8 – Leading drummer Jim Kilpatrick MBE of The House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band met up with the Pipers’ Persuasion team the Monday before the 2010 World Pipe Band Championships at the College of Piping. Jim talks about his own development as a drummer growing up and his experiences as a leading drummer in the Polkemmet and Shotts bands, where his formidable partnership with Robert Mathieson reaped dozens of major championship titles including 5 World Pipe Band Championships over two decades.

1. Introduction


2. Early Life & Introduction to Drumming


3. Development & Progression 

4. Solo Prizes Gained

5. Practice Sessions

6. Playing with the Alex Duthart Corps. Polkemmet with Robert Mathieson.

7. Size of Drum Corps

8. Teaching Drum Corps & Communication with Pipe Major

9. Judging

10. Jim Kilpatrick Percussion & Final Thoughts

Tags: Tom Brown, Alex Duthart & Robert Mathieson.