Pipers’ Persuasion exists just for pipers and drummers, with no other hidden goals or agendas. That is why nobody matters more to us than you, our viewers. From the very second Pipers’ Persuasion went online on 1 September, 2010, we were deluged with messages from all over the world from viewers and participants in the series who wanted to tell us what their impressions of the project were, a selection of which we are delighted to share with you here.

Roddy MacDonald said:

“Very enjoyable site. Must be lot of hard work. Great to hear the likes of Willie Morrison. Congratulations.”

Gordon McCready said:

“Great website with very informative content. Superb, keep it going.”

Ken Eller said:

“Have already been in the new website. I roomed with Bruce Gandy during Worlds week and was introduced to it then… then I saw the piece on Bill McAllister, his brothers were very good to me and I was fortunate to count them as close friends! A lot more good friends there and so interesting to hear their stories! Long overdue, look forward to all the great personalities.”

Simon Black said:

“I just had to contact you and say what a fantastic site this is and what superb interviews you provide on it. This is a real education. I’m 23, I wasn’t about when StrathPol went on the run of 6… but listening and learning from the men that were part of it is excellent. James Wark‘s advice on Balmoral Highlanders was good too… great stuff. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your work!”

Aaron Shaw said:

“Thanks so much. Just spent a good while enjoying a couple of your interviewees and am looking forward to more of the same. Keep up the great work!”

Herve Le Flo’ch said:

“Thoroughly enjoying the interviews. Thank you, Allan. That is great, well done!”

Neil Clark said:

“Allan, great stuff, well done. Love the site, keep it up.”

Raymond Stockdale said:

“Spent the last few hours listening to Ian McLellan‘s interview and enjoyed it very much. You kept this site top secret, but it will be a huge success and I will spread the word.”

Bruce Gandy said:

“First quick look, Allan and I think it looks quite sharp. Looking forward to watching these for sure!”

Ewan McAllister said:

“Great idea, Allan. Looks great. Look forward to more interviews soon.”

Tyler Fry said:

“Lovvvveeeee it!”

Fred Fomm said:

“Great to listen to my old master Willie Morrison once again! Superb site, mate!”

Angus Black said:

“So many memories coming from the interviews. Like this a lot. So many other things you could add. I am sure you are aware. One step at a time. Best I have seen for a long time.”

Graham Brown said:

“Brilliant website! Loving it already. Can’t wait for more interviews.”