037: Brian Donaldson

Brian Donaldson Interview

Episode 37 – Brian Donaldson served his bagpipe making apprenticeship with Jimmy Tweedie and now uses the same machinery after his time serving the colours. His views are always interesting whether on the highland bagpipe or wearing a kilt in the Army – time flies when you’re with Brian. 

1. Introduction

2. Early Learning and Fife Pipe Bands

3. Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band

4. Joining the Scots Guards

5. Army School of Piping

6. Falklands

7. P/M Angus MacDonald and P/M John Burgess

8. Dress and Deportment

9. Alistair Gillies

10. Pipe Major – Scots Guards

11. Making Bagpipes

12. Officers’ Mess

13. Making a Chanter

Tags:  Angus MacDonald, John Burgess, Alistair Gillies & Bob Shepherd MBE.