014: Angus J MacLellan

Angus J MacLellan Interview

Pipers’ Persuasion uploaded the latest episode of the series on Monday 29 November, 2010. The newest instalment features famed piper, teacher and adjudicator Angus J MacLellan. ‘Angus J’ as he is known to many has led a life packed full of piping experience and he has a lot of fantastic stories which he was pleased to share with us for the series. So tune in and and enjoy Angus’ life story in piping, pipe bands, teaching and judging the world’s finest pipers.
1. Introduction

2. Beginnings

3. Donald MacLeod

4. Donald MacLeod;teaching; Granger and Campbell

5. Personalities

6. Competitions and Medals

7. Indoor Competitions

8. SCottish Pipers Association

9. Strathclyde Polce Pipe Band

10. College of Piping

11. Balvennie