Piping Live 2013 – musical snapshots.

Gordon McCreadie

Episode 48 – Pipers’ Persuasion visited some locations during the Piping Live week and recorded some piping by the younger pipers on today’s scene as opposed to our normal policy of presenting views and history from the senior pipers.
This is temporary! Don’t be concerned!  It’s just a refreshing dip into the current state of piping.   So as usual, just sit back and enjoy in the knowledge that normal service is being resumed shortly with various stalwarts from piping about to be interviewed from both home and abroad.
The first clip we have for you is the performance of the Quartet from Greater Glasgow Police Scotland, playing their medley in the Tuesday competition.   There were various creditable performances with Scottish Power winning.

On the Monday at Lunchtime, Pipers’ Persuasion, recorded the Scott Wood Trio at the National Piping Centre.  They played for some 45 minutes producing some very musical innovative music that was hailed by the audience.  Here are some clips from their performance.

Later that afternoon Pipers’Persuasion recorded McCallum Pipers at the same location and we had tunes from Steven Leask, Craig Muirhead and Gordon McCreadie